Traditional Polish dishes


The Gościnna Chata restaurant/tavern invites you to try traditional Polish dishes.

Using the flavors and atmosphere of the premises we will try to give a little of our Polish tradition.

All the dishes in our kitchen contain the best products from the region of Malopolska

We ask for your patience during the execution of complex orders, because each of them is prepared individually with the full commitment of our chefs.



„Oscypek” baked on „Proziok” with onion and fruit jam

„Oscypek” smoked sheep’s cheese, „Proziok” wheat flour fritters baked on a baking sheet
€ 6,50


dumplings with lamb and buckwheat on gravy (4 pcs.)
€ 6,60

Dumplings with spinach and sheep’s cheese

served with a blot of cream (4 pcs)
€ 5,50


Tatare in Polish with frittersi

marinated red pine mushroom, spiced with onion, cucumber, champignons and egg yolk
€ 11,90

Old Polish style herring

with baked potato and a blot of cream
€ 6,50

Green salads

Chicken with egg, on green lettuce

iceberg lettuce, arugula, tomato, radish, pepper, red onion, roasted sunflower seeds, vinaigrette sauce based on mustard, lemon and honey
€ 8,80

Goat cheese on green lettuce with pear and marinated beetroot

iceberg lettuce, arugula, pear, marinated beetroot, and roasted almond flakes, tomato, vinaigrette sauce based on mustard, lemon and honey
€ 8,50


„Żur” - old Polish sour rye soup with a slice of bread

with egg and sausage
€ 5,60

„Barszcz” - Traditional borscht with bean and bacon dumplings

pickled beetroot borscht (regional cuisine)

€ 5,20


Beef brasol from Polish beef (Roast Beef 200g)

with fried egg, mustard sauce, baked potato green lettuce
€ 18,80

„Zbójnicki” pancake

traditional highlander’s potato pancakes layered with beef stew, served with salad and pickled cucumber
€ 13,50

Turkey fillet stuffed with sheep’s cheese

on a cream sauce, country potato, lettuce
€ 13,50

Traditional pork chop with bone

fried cabbage, country potato
€ 12,90


Pork knuckle baked in beer in a honey crust

boiled potato, fried young cabbage
€ 14,50


Trout fillet in butter

roasted potato, green lettuce
€ 14,90

Boiled trout fillet

served with vegetables and boiled potato

€ 14,90

Other Polish dishes

Crispy potato pancakes

with cream and cream – garlic sauce
€ 7,50

„Kartacze” – Cepelinai with meat

in a gravy with salad
€ 9,80

Silesian NOODLES​

on a cream-cheese sauce, green lettuce
€ 8,50

„Gołąbki” – Traditional Polish dish with tomato sauce

cabbage leaves stuffed with barley / rice, pork, mushrooms – baked with slices of bacon and paprika
€ 9,80

Old Polish stew in a bread pot

traditional Polish dish made of white and sauerkraut cabbage with the addition of meat, sausage and smoked bacon and dried plum
€ 8,50

Deski specjałów polskich

Schabowy na kapuście (1 szt.), rolada z indyka, gołąbki (2 szt.), placki ziemniaczane (3 szt.), pierogi ruskie (3 szt.), pierogi z kapustą i grzybami (3 szt.), ziemniak po wiejsku, zestaw surówek
€ 45,00

Pierogies (stuffed dumplings)


(8 pcs.)
€ 9,80


(8 pcs.)
€ 9,80

„Cabbage with mushrooms”

(8 pcs.)
€ 9,80

„Black pudding with boletus”

regional dumplings from Greater Poland – with black pudding and boletus (8 pcs.)
€ 9,80

„Podhalańskie bryndziołki”

regional dumplings from Podhale – with bryndza cheese (sheep’s cheese) (8 pcs.)
€ 9,80


regional dumplings from around Lesser Poland – with cabbage and cheese (8 pcs.)
€ 9,80

Mix dumplings

Russian, meat, cabbage – mushrooms (9 pcs.)
€ 10,80

Vegetarian dumplings mix

Lemko, cabbage – mushrooms, Podhale (9 pcs.)
€ 10,80

Deska pierogów

18 pcs. (tasting): Russian, meat, cabbage – mushrooms, black pudding, Lemko, bryndza, with lamb and buckwheat, with spinach), green lettuce with vinaigrette (18 pcs.)
€ 23,00


French fries with chicken fillet

€ 7,90


5 pcs.
€ 6,20


Potato pancakes with caramelized apples in honey

€ 5,40

Fruit dumplings with a scoop of ice cream

served with honey and whipped cream
€ 5,50

Vanilla ice cream

with seasonal fruit, fruit mousse and whipped cream
€ 5,20